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Executive Coaching

sitting conversationHow Can Coaching Help?

Sometimes your company needs an executive coach to help those employees who offer a lot to the organization but need some help for a variety of reasons to become more successful in their jobs, especially in managing others.

Coaching may be the answer if you are trying to:

  • Groom a promising employee for management
  • Groom a junior manager for more responsibility
  • Smooth out the rough edges of a solid manager
  • Keep your most technically proficient manager from destroying morale and affecting employee retention

Just how influential is a person’s boss over his or her perceptions of their job and their organization? Over the past decade researchers have focused on the perceptions of employees across the full spectrum of industries and occupations with regard to the quality of their work lives as a key factor in organizational productivity. While there are various factors that influence these perceptions, the consensus seems to be that the employee’s direct supervisor has the single largest impact on how that employee perceives his work and the company in general. If for no other reason, organizations large and small should look closely at, and foster their managers’ people skills development.

What Do We Offer?

Coaching can take a number of forms and can be helpful in improving performance in a variety of ways. Bassham & Associates offers coaching for managers and supervisors:

  • That focuses not only on the manager’s basic management skills but how he or she interacts with those below them as well.
  • Provides assessment and discussion with designated individuals within the organization to develop and enhance current skills and/or provide a specific professional development plan aimed at performance improvement in such areas as management, interpersonal communications, and leadership.

Contact Bassham & Associates and we will help you decide the best course of action to help your organization develop the management skills that will increase your employees’ quality of work life, thus increasing productivity to improve your bottom line.


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