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Customized Training

trainingroomWe develop and deliver customized training solutions designed to address the specific issues that face the individuals in your organization. We focus exclusively on people-related issues including management, leadership, relationship skills, stress resistance and emotional resilience. We also provide training on the development, administration and use of surveys in professional and organizational development.

In developing specific training programs we draw heavily on the current research in the areas of emotional intelligence by Dr. Daniel Goleman and others as well as the enormous body of research on employee engagement, and strength focused management done by the Gallup group.

We work from a simple assumption ... Training initiatives should be focused on solving (or in some cases, preventing) a specific problem. We will work closely with key stakeholders in your organization to clearly identify the issue(s) the training should address and its desired outcomes. Then and only then will we design, develop and deliver a customized training solution to improve your organization’s bottom line.

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