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idXreadylogoWhat can you do with the first synchronized ready-to-go learning programs that you couldn’t do before?

idXready™ programs are designed to integrate proven learning models, participant pre-work, rich video assets, validated research-based assessments, individualized Participant Workbooks, fully scripted Leader’s Guides, professional PowerPoint, proven processing activities, and contemporary content that actually improves the classroom learning experience.

Prep time is reduced. Speed of learning acquisition is increased. Learner satisfaction improves. Suddenly, business and people skills training becomes a vital part of your organization’s learning strategy.

That’s the power of synchronization.

idXready™ Programs have synchronized the following training essentials for you:

Online Assessment

Includes trusted, proven assessment. The assessment is sent as pre-work completed online prior to training, ensuring training time is maximized.

Individualized Participant Workbook

Workbooks incorporate personalized assessments for each individual. The learning becomes relevant and the facilitation time more effective and productive.

Synchronized Participant Pages

Corresponding participant workbook pages for every PowerPoint reference. Note taking is made easy - guess work is removed, and participants keep in step with every reference you make.

Fully Scripted Leader’s Guide

Synchronized with Participant Workbooks and PowerPoint, and editable. Leader’s Guides are generated in easily accessible PowerPoint files, which are ready to use as they are, or may be edited with your personal touches.

PowerPoint That Makes a Point

High-impact, visual storytelling slides with effective animations. Professional, high quality presentations that quickly engage learners.

Video Built into PowerPoint

PowerPoint files built with video synchronized right into the presentation. No more wasting time searching for video clips on a VHS tape or DVD, taking the stress out of transition time.

idXready Programs

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Capitalizing on Team Talents ®

DiSC-Powered Selling

Frontline Management: Leveraging the Strengths of Your Style

Improving Your Listening Skills

Reducing Team Conflict

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