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One-on-One Sexual Harassment Training

onetooneIn cases where a sexual harassment complaint investigation fails to reveal enough evidence of harassment to warrant terminating the accused, the company still must do due diligence in resolving the complaint. One-on-one sexual harassment awareness training conducted by an impartial third party can satisfy the company’s obligation and may be the best solution.

David Bassham personally conducts the training, which consists of a personal interview with the individual aimed at giving the accused the opportunity to tell his or her side and explore the circumstances which led up to the complaint. This generally results in the identification of behaviors that can be modified to preclude further complaints.

The training also involves complete coverage of sexual harassment law, recent Supreme Court rulings concerning both personal and corporate liability as well as the details of the company’s sexual harassment policy.

Following the training, a written report will be provided which can be placed in the employee file. This report can serve as documentation of the company’s effort to resolve the issue and prevent further incidents of harassing behavior.


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Developing and Maintaining A Sexual Harassment Free Workplace: A Guide For Managers; Second Edition