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In spite of all of the publicity that high profile sexual harassment cases generate and the well-written sexual harassment policies that most companies have today, incidents of sexual harassment continue to occur in our country’s workplaces. Organizations large and small find themselves in situations where they are forced to investigate and resolve every complaint that arises or face the possibility of legal liability that could potentially cripple them financially.

Frequently, it is difficult, if not impossible to get to the “truth” about the events leading up to a complaint. Nevertheless, the organization is obligated to take whatever action is necessary to remedy the situation and prevent it from happening again. While this may not be enough to prevent a sexual harassment lawsuit, failure to do so would only invite such litigation.

The prevalence of sexual harassment in an organization is influenced by several factors:

  • Employee’s perceptions of how harassment is tolerated in the work environment affect the likelihood that employees will come forward with reports of sexually harassing behaviors.
  • The perceptions of the consequences of those behaviors affect the likelihood of individuals engaging in sexually harassing behaviors.
  • The level of commitment among the organization’s managers to effectively handle harassment problems contributes to how policies and procedures are implemented to combat the problem.

We have developed three training programs designed to specifically address each of these factors.


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Developing and Maintaining A Sexual Harassment Free Workplace: A Guide For Managers; Second Edition