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Bassham & Associates offers coaching, training and consulting for individuals at all levels within your organization. We focus on personal and professional development with an emphasis on how individuals interact with those around them. This can take the form of executive coaching, group training or one-on-one training that focuses on specific problem behaviors. We also consult on organizational development issues such as employee engagement and others that impact the organization’s climate, morale and most importantly ... the bottom line. This can include the development, implementation, interpretation and debriefing of various types of surveys.

Sexual Harassment Training

One of our long-standing areas of expertise is sexual harassment in the workplace and how to prevent it. We offer training for individuals accused of sexual harassment when the offense is not sufficient for dismissal but requires some action on the part of the employer as a part of their efforts to maintain a sexual harassment free workplace. We also offer sexual harassment awareness training for employees in general as well as specialized training for managers.

Customized Training

We offer customized training development and delivery revolving around interpersonal relationships, management issues and leadership. We use a research based approach to develop training that capitalizes on work done in the areas of emotional intelligence, employee engagement and strengths focused management.

Training Products

The product portion of this site has been designed to be a resource for corporate and independent training professionals. If you already know the products you are interested in, enter our online store through the link at the top of every page. If you need information about the products explore the links on the left of the page. In addition to the detailed information you will find throughout this site, please feel free to contact us directly for assistance concerning your specific training needs. We have extensive experience in training development and delivery in adult learning environments.

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Developing and Maintaining A Sexual Harassment Free Workplace: A Guide For Managers; Second Edition